A little about CarrXpert

Founded in 2001, CarrXpert Collision Centres are a Professional Network of Dealership owned and operated repair facilities.

CarrXpert Collision Centres strive to deliver an exceptional collision experience, ensuring that your car is repaired to the highest standard available in the market today. CarrXpert Collision Centres are dealer-owned and operated, they have unrivaled access to original parts, tools, equipment, training standards and repair procedures making them the obvious choice.

Your Dealership knows your car best and CarrXpert should be your first choice for any collision-related services you may have. 

As the owner of your car, you have the right to decide who repairs your vehicle…make it CarrXpert. Learn more and find out why


What to do when you've had an accident?

Call 1-866-CARRXPERT

We will take care of it from here

Relax, your car will
get the best care

An accident of auto-related collision can be a very stressful experience. On average, the average Canadian experiences some sort of collision once every 7 years. This likely means you are not well prepared and are unsure what to do. That is where CarrXpert can help!

  1. The first priority is to ensure no one is hurt. If there are injuries, please call 911 for emergency services
  2. If everyone is okay, remain calm and call our 24-hour accident assistance and road-side recovery service. 1-866-CARRXPERT (1-866-227-7973)
  3. Once at a CarrXpert Collision Centre, our staff will take care of the repair process and get you back in your car as quickly as possible.
  4. If this is an insurance-related claim, we will work with you and your insurance company to ensure a smooth and seamless repair.
  5. Remember, CarrXpert Collision Centres are dealership owned and authorised collision repair facilities. We know your car best and guarantee a flawless repair and an even better customer experience.

CarrXpert Lifetime Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with the CarrXpert Lifetime Warranty

Your CarrXpert lifetime warranty is our way of saying we stand behind our work, and that we want you to be completely satisfied with the repairs our trained professionals have just completed on your vehicle. Our warranty is only valid for those repairs completed by a CarrXpert Collision Centre.


  • The insured must be the vehicle owner at the time of the warranty claim;
  • The lifetime warranty (on new body parts and labour) applies only to work done at a CarrXpert location;
  • All parts, other than body parts, are subject to their respective manufacturers’ warranty;
  • Any claim made under this warranty must be submitted to a CarrXpert Collision Centre, who may require to view and inspect the vehicle in order to ascertain the eligibility of the claim;
  • The customer must provide the original invoice from the repair under question.

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